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Portrait über Confiture de vivre in der Lust auf Genuss zum Thema „Französische Bistroküche“


aus den letzten Jahren:

Zum Internationalen Tag des Macarons, 20. März  2011:

Macarons genießen und dabei Gutes tun

22. August 2011

erwähnt bei Harvard Common Press

„It has been just over two weeks since Jennie lost her husband suddenly. Like I said in this post, it is incredible to see the food blogging community come together to honor the Perillo family and bake #apieformikey. We like to do “Best of the Web” posts here, when we see a lot of bloggers posting about the same food, or holiday, or theme, et cetera. I couldn’t possibly come up with a “Best of” A Pie for Mikey list, because each post is personal and great on its own, for it is a tribute to Michael and Jennie. But here are ten pies that especially stood out to me. These just go to show you that Jennie’s story affected bloggers all over the world, that it brought people together to share their own adaptations of peanut butter pie, and that it touched everyone.“

26. März 2012, MDR Fernsehen, in der Sendung „Hier ab Vier“

August 2014, „Landgenuss“


September 2014, „Der FEINSCHMECKER“



November 2014, NDR Fernsehen – zu Gast bei „Theresas Küche – kochen mit Freunden“



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