Fruits Sauvages – latest News and a short Video-Hello

It‘s almost March and we all do hope Spring will be just around the corner! What does it mean to me or to us (hubby included)? We are still very busy working on the e-magazine. Thanks for your patience, my dear readers! Believe me,  I am not joking when I say we are seriously looking forward to launch the first issue before spring flowers are fading away!

When we chose to launch an e-mag we did so not realize how much work it will be – yes, we are still rookies when it comes to e-magazines and have full-time day jobs BUT no excuses – we have our expectations and want to share a magazine on quality level. So we are proud to have a bunch of talented contributors and, by the way, need a little more time to let our „baby“ grow.

We decided on which cover would work fine for the first issue and selected recurrent categories you can rely on and find in every following issue. But there are a few stories to tell, a variety of images to edit and some recipes to adjust.

In the meantime I showcase the concept and intention of our e-mag Fruits Sauvages – what you can expect from it and what you definitely won‘t find inside.

There are many prettily styled magazines out there, with witty ideas, great photos and touching stories. We do hope that we‘ll find our niche and will cover our approach on Fruits Sauvages – wild fruits – stories, people, places and recipes – like our motto says – hunting artisan treasures.

Here are 6 facts on what you won‘t find inside Fruits Sauvages


But, of course, we would like to let you know 6 facts on what you can expect


More coming very soon. We share a Sneak Peek of Fruits Sauvages with you – as soon as possible.



P.S. A little reminder – In case you are interested in foodphotography, delicious dishes, crafting your own props and creating delectable table settings, you should attend our Foodphotography, Styling & Design Workshop in March. My friend Meeta of What’s for Lunch Honey and I are looking forward to welcoming you!

More details here.

Comments (17)

  1. A lovely trailer! I can’t wait to read your e-mag.



  2. Wow, der Trailer macht schon richtig Lust auf das e-Mag! Ich freu mich schon drauf 🙂
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Can’t wait!!! Ich freu mich schon sehr!

  4. Sandy, I love this little clip, so nicely done! Can’t wait for the first issue 🙂

  5. Tolles Video!
    Macht Lust auf mehr;-)!!!
    Ich freu mich drauf und bin sehr gespannt!

  6. Liebe Sandy,

    das klingt alles so toll, dass ich das Erscheinen des E-Mags kaum abwarten kann! Bin selbst ein großer Frankreichfan und habe auch 11 Monate in Südfrankreich gelebt (damals als Au-Pair). Die Bilder asu dem Video haben mich sofort wieder in diese schöne Zeit zurückversetzt. Hach!… Dass du das alles noch neben deinem Blog und Vollzeitjob hinbekommst: Respekt! Ich wünsche dir Durchhaltevermögen und)viel gute Laune (auch wenn mal alles schief zu laufen scheint) und freue mich schon wie wahnsinnig darauf, in deinem Magazin zu stöäbern!

    Liebe Grüße un “bon courage”

  7. Sandy-the trailer is just lovely-congratulations! 🙂 caroline

  8. Thank you all for your wonderful feedback! But I have to thank my husband, his son and my “daughter in law” for their great work on this tiny clip. It took us a lot of time but it was worth the effort!
    In case you are interested in more videos you should check out

  9. I’m so looking forward to your e-mag and the trailer is just wonderful ♥



  10. Awesome – I can hardly wait.

  11. Sandy this looks like a wonderful journey for all involved. I really REALLY look forward to reading your emag. Fantastic teaser – well done! Mel

  12. Was für ein toller Trailer – und du bist seeeeehr gut darin, uns gespannt zu machen auf mehr! Ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass das e-mag mehr Arbeit macht, als ihr erwartet hattet – aber die tollsten Dinge entstehen ja immer, weil man vorher einfach nur große Lust darauf hatte und mittendrin erst realisiert, WIE anstrengend das Ganze eigentlich ist. Gut, dass das in der Anfangseuphorie gern ausgeblendet wird!

  13. This is so exciting. I loved the trailer video – so romantic and inspired. Looking forward to more from your project. 🙂

  14. What a pretty little trailer Sandy and I cannot wait to see your e-mag! I would have loved to see you again in March too but having just gotten back from a three week holiday I kind of have to work too.. 😉

  15. “Sorry, you won’t find” is just BRILLIANT!!!

  16. @Isabelle thank you my dear!
    @Nico ha, same here!
    @Mel thank you for your feedback!
    @Lena Du hast so was von recht. So war es auch bei uns, aber wenn man Herzblut reinsteckt… na, du weißt schon!
    @ Kat Thank you, your feedback is much appreciated – your are an expert when it comes to videos, I know!
    @ Simone Yes, that would have been great to meet you again for real! Hope you are well and looking forward to your posts about your travels.
    @Gudy thanks my sweetest chérie – I had to add it because I don’t want to disappoint readers 😉 The mag won’t be a super-duper-fancy-glossy mag, it will be more like me – a down to earth, “homegrown” player 😉

  17. Großartige Vorschau, freue mich auf das fertige e-mag. Klasse finde ich die Auflistung was für Themen im Magazin zu finden sind und was gerade nicht! Spricht mich sehr an 🙂 Viel Erfolg beim Tüfteln. LG Jasmin

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